The Parent Agency by David Baddiel


Barry is fed up with his parents and wants new ones, this story follows him on his rather weird journey to find the ‘perfect parents’. A really original idea from David Baddiel (a famous comedian who you may know from the song ‘football’s coming home’ that inevitably gets playe A LOT when the world up is on.) We have all at some point got miffed with Mum or Dad or other people that look after us and maybe wish that they would be a bit different haven’t we? Be a bit less embarrassing? Less strict? I hope my mum isn’t reading this… Watch this summary of the book by the author to get a snapshot into this story which talks about these sorts of thoughts.

You will like this book if you like reading funny stories. The layout in some ways is similar to David Walliams books, with not a humungous amount of writing on each page and they’re are some really cool illustrations. His writing isn’t as ‘random’ as Walliams, but it is very funny. He uses a lot of play on words which can be very silly, for example, talking about the footballer Lionel Tidy, people using Birdynoise (Twitter) and rich families with names Iike Lord Rader-Wellorf! 

The chapters are well laid out so it doesn’t feel like you are reading a chapter forever – something I know that some children can find challenging especially as it is a longish book. I really enjoyed it and I think that anyone is KS2 would enjoy it too. I picked it up on Morrisons for only £3 – bargain! It will be on my shelf in September for all those who wish to borrow it!

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  1. Ella, Year 6 says:

    Ooh! I might try that one after i’ve read the monster calls. I have sometimes wished that i had other parents and another step dad. That’s when i’m in a mood or upset – which is suprisingly not very oftern!


  2. vteubler says:

    Sometimes families can be tricky – talking about it is important. It is a funny book and I need to get my hands on his latest book as he’s just released a new one


    1. Ella, year 6 says:

      I’ve recently read Parent Angency. What is his new book called?


      1. vteubler says:

        It’s called ‘The Person Controller’ I believe. Still haven’t read it. If anyone has, please give us a review!


  3. Ella, year 6 says:

    It was in Waitrose the other day but Mum said I have to wait for Christmas *groan*


  4. Ella, year 6 says:

    I have the person controller now and Im going to read it after ive finished my horse book that im reading now. When ive finished it ill do a reveiw on it. 🐎


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