Bargain of the century!

It was only yesterday when I suggested buying books from boot fairs as they can be considerably cheaper than buying in book shops. Well, I managed to find a lady who was selling the Beast Quest series and I know that quite a few of the children that I have spoken to say that it is very addictive. She said that her son didn’t really get on with them that well, so only a few out of the 18 had actually been read. Guess how much I managed to get them all for???? £2.50! They are supposed to sell at £4.99 each, so buying them all new from a shop would have cost me £89.82. I have managed to save myself £87.32!!!

  My list of books to read is now very long… I might just read the first few and put them all on my shelf at school.

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  1. Ella, Year 6 says:

    Oh. My. Goodness gracious me! That is definately bargain of the cenrtry! The other day my rabbit chewed a whole in my Percy J book and I went to waterstones to get a new one and guess how much it cost me…£7.99!!!! I definately need to go to some more bootfairs I think…

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