Age ratings for books?

I have recently read a few books which have made me think long and hard about whether I should recommend them to my pupils and on this blog. I have read a book which on the back has 11+ written on the back – not an official rating and not on all books. I think that the content was very mature and really took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. It was a fabulous book which reminded me of some adult books I have read, but I’m asking myself, should I lend it out? 

Ultimately, I have to conclude that each reader is an individual with different interests and capabilities to empathise and understand texts. I think I’ll keep the book off my class shelf, but bare them in mind for older readers. But it does make me think, should there be age ratings on all books? 

If you ever feel that the book you are reading is for older readers, let a grownup know and stop reading it. Check on the back of books for age recommendations as some authors write for primary and secondary school children (Jaqueline Wilson writes for a range of ages).

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  1. Ella, Year 6 says:

    I was reading a Peter James book the other day, It is an adult book so it didn’t have an age raiting on the back of it, my mummy said it would be good for me to read. It was very violent and it did have a very big use of bad language. So I stoped reading it. I just went swimming as I do every tuesday and thursday after my horse riding and it was freezing! Luckily I’m now out of the pool and I’m just having a hot chocolate (with a mountain of squirty cream and mash mellows) and a bag of m&ms reading my Percy J book. What an evening! X


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