I’ve signed up to my local library with help from my six year old nephew!

I’ve been buying quite a few books and my bookshelf at home and school is getting quite full… So I decided, on the advice of my nephew to go to the library. We had a good hunt around and I found a book by one of my favourite poets, Michael Rosen and I have really enjoyed it. I’ve even shared some of it with my class.

Anyone can join up to the library, depending on your age, you may have to have an adult to set it up with you but otherwise it’s easy and free! There are even reading challenges to take part in and other events to help you discover new books.

Why not pop to your local library and have a look around?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ella, year 6 says:

    I’ve still got 28 books to return to the library, oops…..


  2. Sophie says:

    I’m still meaning to read this book. When we did some work on a chapter of this book it really hooked me in. That will be my next book to find after Matilda and Girl Online which Mia M has leant me.


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