Maisie Hitchins – The Case of the Phantom Cat, by Holly Webb

If you have tried the Murder Most Unladylike series because of a keen interest in detective stories but found it maybe a bit challenging – this is the book for you! Set in Victorian England, Maisie and her friend find themselves staying at an old house in the country, but strange things keep happening. There is an odd smell around and what appears to be a ghost cat… This is part of a series of books by the brilliant Holly Webb, so if you fancy it, there are a few to get your teeth into.



There are many children and adults who review books online via youtube. Check out a review of this book below. She has reviewed a whole load of books – check it out.


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  1. Beth,year 6 says:

    Doesn’t sound my thing but can u review another mystery book I might be interested in.


    1. vteubler says:

      Well there is the clock work sparrow one which I think you had a go with and it wasn’t your kind of thing. Have you tried The Baker Street Boys series? It’s about the homeless children who help Sherlock Holmes to solve his crimes! Really good fun and will be great to accompany your ‘Elementary’ topic next year.
      I know that Ella really likes detective stories, so if they don’t work out, ask her.


      1. I’ll ask my mum and I’ll have a look thanks for recommending them for me and I’ll take a look
        Thank you.xxxxxxx


    2. Ella, year 6 says:

      I, too, am not a big fan of the mystery of the clockwork sparrow nor the baker street boys.However, I am a HUGE fan of detective books so I will name you a couple that I think you will enjoy:
      ●THE SPY WHO LOVED SCHOOL DINNERS BY PAMELA BUTCHART – This is personaly one of my favorite books. This is a story about a girl called Izzy who has been put in charge of a new French girl called Matilde. Izzy and her best friends HATE school dinners, but soon Izzy sees that Matilde LOVES them. As well as that, Izzy’s group finds out that Matilde is a spy and has come to find out all their secerets.
      ●THE MARIELLA MYSTERY SERIES BY KATE PANKHURST – This is a great book that is quirkly illustrated by the author that makes it perfect for ‘not so confident’ readers. It’s about a girl named Mariella (bet you allready guessed that) who is the leader of her ‘gang’. Her friends Poppy and Violet are not very passive sidekicks but they somehow manage to solve the mysteries that are going on.

      I know TONS of other detective books but I’m not sure you will enjoy them as it does have alot to do with dead people and gory things like that. You can find lots of different detective books on .


  2. Ella, year 6 says:

    I too wasn’t a big fan of the mystery of the clockwork sparrow nor tit baker street boys. I LOVE detective/mystery stories, if those other books don’t work out, try these:
    •Mariella mystery series by Kate Pankhurst – It’s about a group of best friends that go round solving the mysterys that go on, a bit like murder most unladylike really.
    •The mystery series by Paul Moxham – This is about a group of kids that happen to come across a mystery every time they go out (I wonder why) and they have to get lots of clues to try and solve it.
    •The spy that loves school dinners by Pamela Butchart – despite this bool having a rather strange title, it’s one of the best detective books I’ve read. Its about a girl called Izzy who HATES school dinners. Then a new french girl called Matilde joins school and becomes best friends with Izzy. Soon Izzy finds out that Matilde loves school dinners but,, Izzy soon finds out that Matilde is a spy and has come to find out their secerets.

    Personly my favourite is the spy that loves school dinners. I think It’s a very quirky and Original book that is a perfect detective story. There are LOADS more that I’ve read but I’m obviously not going to tell you all of them now. There is a website called that has lots of good mystery books on it.


  3. Ella, year 6 says:

    There is always the Mariella Mystery series of books by Kate Pankhurst. Its about a group of girls who are all best friends and every time they’re with each other there seems to be something going on so they have to try and solve it. This is an awesome series of books – very similar to murder most unladylike. The storyline is a bit far fetched but, hey, who cares! Xx


  4. Ella, year 6 says:

    P.S I’m heading off to New York tomorrow *scream* so I may not be able to get in contact with all of you while I’m there. I will try my hardest to review some of the books Ive read over there. Megan, if you are reading this I will be able to phone you over there and keep in contact. Miss T and everyone else, enjoy the rest of your christmas holiday and Ill tell you All about it at school. However, in Miss T’s case I wont beable to see you so Ill tell you about it on here. Ella x ☺💙


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