The New Adventures of the Wishing-chair – Winter Wonderland, by Enid Blyton

I was pondering around the library the other day feeling rather festive and found myself reading the blurb of The New Adventures of the Wishing-chair, Winter Wonderland. It took me back to when I was little and loved reading the The Magic Far Away Tree by ย the same author. I used to LOVE that book, so I thought that I’d give this rather tiny book a whirl to take me back to my childhood. With large text and some lovely illustrations, I sped through the Christmassy book quickly, enjoying the small insight into the imaginary Blyton world.

After reading this, I think that at some point soon I will borrow The Magic Faraway books from the library and really take me back to where my love of books first started. Nostalgic stuff!


This book would be great for someone who finds reading a challenge and wants a quick journey to Santa’s Christmas Workshop!

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  1. Ella, year 6 says:

    When I was little I used to be a complete boomworm, I still am now but not as much as I was when I was little. You would never see me with my face out of a book, and if you did it must have been an absolute miracle. Anyway.. one of my favourite books when I was little was also ‘the magic far away tree’ I used to LOVE saucepan man, he was hilarious! I always uses to protend to be saucepan man with my mums saucepans. It is bringing back so many memories…

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  2. Ella, year 6 says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I have news……. I’m staying at my half sister and her boyfriends’ house over night since I haven’t seen them since I’ve been in NY and Scotland and I’ve got the surprise of my life! THEY GOT ME A PUPPY! A mini sausage dog!! It’s a girl and she’s 9 weeks old and also she’s black and ginger – they’re my favourite breed of dog ! I still haven’t come up with a name yet! Any suggestions?? ๐Ÿ˜‚


    1. vteubler says:

      Amazing! Is it a miniature dachshund? You know I like an old fashioned named as I ended up calling my cat ‘Edith’ aka Edie. What about a name of an author or someone in a book? Matilda/Tilly? Enid (as in Blyton)? Jemma (as in Puddleduck)?


  3. Ella, year 6 says:

    Yes it’s a miniature dachshund! We’ve just come back from our first walk together! Well I say walk, what I should say it a walk to the car in the front drive and a carry back!
    The names on my list are these:
    I might go for Tilly…


  4. Ella, year 6 says:

    I’ve gone for Tilly! It was going to be Matilda but I think it’s a bit long-winded and when I asked Tilly if she liked it she tilted her head to 1 side, that’s definitely a no. So Tilly it is then! I’ve now got to build her rather small kennel in the garden. I’ve got everything ready for her now – her bed, lead, collar, 6 Toys (her favourite one is a worm in a book- I think she’s a book lover too!) dog kennel and crate. She’s sleeping on my bed next to my teddy and she’s way smaller than my teddy – I can hold her whole body in 2 hands!


    1. vteubler says:

      Oh my goodness! She sounds amazing! Love Tilly, good choice


  5. Ella, year 6 says:

    Tilly has grown to her full size and is getting the hang of training now. She has now got a new miniture dachshaund friend who I own too – it is a girl and I have finally decided to call her Millie as I think it sounds really cute because it rhymes with Tilly
    and becsuse my old, old dalmation dog who sadly passed away was called Millie. Millie my dog now is very cheeky and has allready most of my socks, my harry potter book, my ยฃ5 and shes even started on her own lead…


  6. ANUJ says:

    I will write a review


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