The Magic Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton

Although my trip to the library was not a success when I wanted to find a book in the ‘Faraway Tree’ series, I managed to find the second of Blyton’s four books in Sainsburys for £3.99. Unable to suppress my addition to buying books, I bought it with the excuse to my husband that I needed ‘something to do’ whilst on the plane home from Glasgow.

Whilst reading the first journey up the Faraway Tree, where they visit the Land of Topsy-turvy, I remembered why I adored this series when I was younger. The concept of being able to visit completely different lands and journey with familiar characters in short chapters is timeless; children and indeed adults from any generation would be excited by it. It’s one of those books you really wish you could jump into.

If you’ve never heard of it before and you enjoy reading books with magic in, give it a go. I’m almost certain that you’ll like it. It’s not gender specific and could be read by anyone in KS2 who enjoys a short chapter book. It would be great to share with parents/careers/siblings as a bed time story, as you could visit a land each night.

Although this book was written in 1943 (73 years ago!) it doesn’t seem that outdated, although some of the children’s language is a bit ‘oh golly golly gosh’ and ‘tally-ho!’

It’s a classic – it’s a must!

There was a cartoon version of this series which I had no idea about. It is a bit old fashioned, but you might like to watch it if you’d like to reminisce on some of your favourite lands if you’ve read them already! Some youtubers have put up several episodes.

Faraway tree cartoon

As well as this, I had a quick look online and saw that it was reported that there will be a Faraway film made! This article was written in 2014, so let’s hope they’re getting it done soon!

BBC Faraway Tree article

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  1. Ella says:

    I adore the magic faraway tree! The language is old fashioned in some parts but I think it makes it more enjoyable like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophie says:

    I remember looking at the front cover of these books when I lived in Australia. I was really little so I couldn’t read them, but I remember looking at them thinking they looked very interesting. And now my brother has given them to me and I read them over and over again! I love them.


    1. vteubler says:

      I didn’t know you lived in Australia! Was that when you were much smaller?


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