I am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai

Many of you will have heard of Nobel Prize winning Malala Yousafzai. A young woman brought up in Pakistan, who campaigns for education of children across the world, in particular, girls.

I rarely read biographies, never really thought that it was my thing. After reading this book, I’ve changed my mind about this genre of writing.

I knew of Malala, she’s been on the news and is often on Newsround. I’ve spoke to previous students about her and the suffering she went through after a personal attack on her by the Taliban, an extremist group. What I learnt from her story is the years of struggle she and her family faced in the years before her attack. They stood up to the people spreading their radical views and physically trying to stop people doing things which they thought was wrong. Stuff like letting girls go to school.

Malala’s religion is clearly fundamental in her life. She always refers to her thoughts, prayers and learning from the Qu’ran. She draws on lessons of kindness and forgiveness which helps her be strong whilst campaigning globally and challenging those who do not agree with her.

I would highly recommend this book to children in year 6 who are confident readers. Although this book is a version written for children, it does discuss issues of war and violence, something that parents/carers might not be happy with. This book has been turned into a film which is a PG and Malala is often on Newsround, but please do check with your parents/carers first.

Although the now over two years old, the Newsround special below is informative on who Malala is.


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  1. Ella says:

    I’m not into biogtaphys much either. However I have read lots by my horse riding idol Pippa funnell.

    Very exciting news: my older half sister has had her baby! She was expected in March so is 2 months early weighing at 4pounds something – a very tiny baby. I’m now an auntie of 7 little children and my older sister is now a mother of 5 – poor her!
    I know that in the weekend my mum and I are going to see her!!!! I wish I could show you a picture but I guess you’ll have to imagine her. I thought getting Tilly was awesome and now having a new niece is even better (I still love my dog just as much) my oldest nephew just told me on the phone that he is very excited about the new baby. He went a bit like this ‘it will be exciting but it means that the baby will be annoying because it will cry and I will need to help mummy because I’m a big boy!’


  2. mia m says:

    Congratulations Ella!
    I never thought that I would enjoy biographies either, until I read Binge by Tyler Oakley. It mas a few naughty words in it and he also talks about trying to find a perfect man, but it was written in a way when you start and you can’t stop reading it. You can find it in WHSmiths for around £12.


  3. mia m says:

    Ps I will try to finish my story ASAP. Sorry it was delayed.


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