The Many Worlds of Albie Bright by Christopher Edge

Despite my cat being determined to distract me from my book by playing around with my book mark and generally pestering me, I finished The Many Worlds of Albie Bright. I genuinely really enjoyed it and liked the concept of Albie venturing into parallel universes to try find a world where his mother was still alive. It showed how actually when someone we love passes away, whether it be a pet or someone in our family, how desperate sometimes we can be to just see them again. It’s sad, but natural.


Although the scientific elements of the story are a bit farfetched,  I love that this author has just run away with the theories of parallel universes. I’m not sure a banana would actually be a vital tool to travelling to another universe… Who really cares in books if ideas are realistic or not? Isn’t that the point of much of the fiction that we read? We want to live through characters to live a bit of the magic?

In addition, this book is thought provoking in the sense that the different worlds that Albie visits are all slightly different as different choices and events in the past have altered what happens next. From how the planets are alined, what jobs people have and even who is born or not. It makes me think that if I had made some different choices when I was younger, would my life would be different now? Mind boggling…

A very compelling book, one that would be good for 11+ years.

Christopher Edge’s website – a mini summary and some reviews

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