eBooks vs paper copies!

Which do you prefer? eBooks are a relatively recent technology, but most of you readers would have grown up with the choice of a hard copy of a book or a kindle style eBook. So what do you like to read?


At my current school, they have a ‘Reading Cloud’ where there are hundreds of books available digitally, meaning that you can literally scroll through the library at home if you’re lucky enough to have a device at home which can connect to the internet. Handy!

Personally, I’ve never actually read a whole book on an electronic device,  therefore I can’t really say for certain which I prefer. However, I do enjoy the ‘new book smell’ and love the way that you can share, recycle and even donate books to help raise money for charity. With the kindle, it’s not quite the same. My aim for the next few weeks, after reading the stack of books by my bedside, is to read a book off of the Reading Cloud that we have at school and make a verdict of my own.

E? Or not to E? That is the question…

Newsround article on eBooks vs paper books

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  1. Sophie says:

    Paper books, definatly! Your not reading a proper book if your on an ipad or something like that. People write books to be published and put in book shops, not to be put on the app store!

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    1. vteubler says:

      Very valid points Sophie


      1. Sophie says:

        I read the start of a book on my Hudl, but I couldn’t carry on because it just didn’t seem right to be reading on a gadget sort of thing! And also I love having a good old nose around book shops!


  2. Ella says:

    I agree as well. I was going to download Dartmouth on my kindl but I didn’t end up doing it because I couldn’t really be bothered. On kindl sort of stuff you can’t flick back to points in the story that you enjoyed as easily as you can with normal books.

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    1. Sophie says:

      Exactly Ella! I completely agree!


  3. Finn year6 says:

    it costs less to buy it on kindle but ill like paper books better but it can be more expensive if there knew.


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