I finished Darkmouth! 

Wow. It’s good. Like really good. If you like Percy Jackson or Artemis Fowl you NEED to read this. Thanks again Finn for the recommendation. Those of you in my #readingrocks club it is on my bookshelf. The question is, who will manage to get to it first to borrow it?

I now have another book on my birthday list …

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  1. Beth, Year 6 says:

    Hi mrs D sorry we haven’t spoken in months. I’ve been very busy and forgot to leave a comment but so u know mums fine just wondered why don’t we start a book club here on your blog also when could you come and visit us we all miss u


    1. vteubler says:

      I guess this is kind of a book club here. What books would you recommend to everyone on here? I’m very busy at the moment Beth with my new job, I will have to talk to some of the teachers.


      1. Beth , year 6 says:

        That’s ok I understand
        I am reading the little house on the prairie series by Laura Ingalls wilder and there great there about her childhood

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