Goosebumps – The Ghost Next Door

I was really excited when I saw that there was going to be a Goosebumps movie; when I was growing up the books and the TV show were really popular. I admit, I often found the programme a little creepy as I am easily spooked…


Wondering around the library I saw some new editions of the old classics and ended up borrowing The Ghost Next Door. Despite it’s very american feel and quite cliche scary story twist, I actually really enjoyed it. If you like TV shows or books which are a bit jumpy and creepy, then give one of the Goosebumps books a go. If you’re a bit wary of it because it’s scary, remember that you don’t have a finish a book if you start one and reading during the day rather than before you go to sleep might help.

I watched the trailer for the film and it does look rather cool. It isn’t a version of one of the books, but a story which has the author, R.L Stine in. His original manuscripts of the books are locked and for a good reason! All of the monsters/ghosts are locked up in them and yes, you guessed it, they get released from the books and all havoc breaks loose. I really want to see this – I really like the actor Jack Black who plays Stine. You may have seen him before in the film, The School of Rock. Check out the trailer below.

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