Now by Morris Gleitzman

Before reading any of the books in this series by Morris Gleitzman, a fellow teacher told me that the first, Once, was by far the best and the others weren’t really worth reading. I would politely like to disagree with her. As I have already mentioned in a previous blog, I thought that Then was a great sequel which was as good as the first. The emotional ties with the characters in Now were just as strong and the story line just as gripping.


In this book, Felix is an old grandfather and a retired doctor. It is about his life in Australia looking after his granddaughter, Zelda. She loves her grandad very much and misses her parents who are both doctors working in another country. Being named after such an important person in Felix’s life, she feels as though she has a lot to live up to. She endeavours to always do her best and make Felix proud. However, she finds it challenging to make new friends at school and gets herself into some sticky situations. She therefore often feels like she’s let herself down. When a true disaster strikes, Felix and Zelda have to work as a team to save what is most important to them and fight for their lives – not unlike Felix and Zelda in the previous books.

I found a short video clip of Morris Gleitzman discussing how he creates characters and which ones are his favourite. For all of you budding writers, this may be of interest. The video is provided by Book Trust.

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