Tin Tin and The Black Island by Herge

Comics are a great way to get into reading if you are not too keen on reading and like illustrations. If that’s you, why not have a go at the classic Tin Tin stories. I really enjoyed reading this story which was action packed, filled with action and adventure, not to mention some nasty villains!

I hadn’t actually read any Tin Tin before, but I had watched the film. The halarious Thomson and Thompson were just as funny in the books and Tin Tin was just inquisitive. Sometimes watching a film version of a book can help you when you read the book as you already know some of the characters and their personalities.

The first page of this Tin Tin book took me straight into the story and had me hooked! In fact, I was concerned for Tin Tin’s life as he had got attacked by the baddies already! Take a look below:

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  1. Sophie says:

    It sounds very gripping even just by reading the little bit you gave us. I will try and get hold of a copy. My Dad would probably read it after me! He loves Tin Tin.


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