Support your local library

I was saddened to hear in the news that many libraries have closed down in recent years, leaving some people without jobs and many without having access to local library services.

Although sad, it didn’t surprise me. Many children these days have their weekend fully booked with a range of extra curricular activities; it is sometimes hard to fit library visits in. Some children are often to busy glued to their games consoles or IPads… Lots of things can get in the way, but it’s important to support local causes.

It may be thought that libraries are a bit old fashioned – you can buy books with a few clicks or just read one on a Kindl, IPad or even a phone. However, I think that there still is a place for libraries for everyone. Not all of us can afford to buy books or computers, but it’s important that we have the opportunity to access them to build on our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Libraries give us:

1. Free access to a humongous range of books. If the one you want isn’t there, but it is in another library, you can ask for it to be sent over.

2. Free use of computers.

3. Free space to read quietly, do work and research.

4. A safe and exciting place for toddlers to get into reading. I met the cutest little girl the other day who was only two and wanted to share her books with me. Her dad and I had a bit of a giggle when she helped me take my book out and wanted to read it with me at home!

5. Book clubs are often set up and other reading activities.

The list is endless. So why not join up with a library this Easter holidays? If you’re already a member, why not see what’s going on in the library and have a good rummage through the shelves.

I visited today and was pleased to see it busy, particularly in the kids section.

(Still very windy outside!)

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  1. Ella, year 6 says:

    I usually do my homework on the computer in the library because mums laptop has a virus.


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