The next David Walliams book!

I must be out of the loop! I didn’t know that there was to be a new book by David Walliams! It’s going to come out on 19th of May and it’s called The World’s Worst Children. It is a book compiled of ten short stories about different children who I assume are pretty rotten.


Not only have I found out today that he is releasing a new book, but that Raj, the newsagent owner in William’s books, will be interviewing David about his new release. He has left a message on the World of Walliams website:

A message from Raj!

I’m interviewing Mr Wallibums about his AWFUL new book, The World’sRaj Worst Children. What would YOU like to say to him?

Here are my questions so far…

1. Why can’t the oversized buffoon who looks like a
cupboard in a suit write a nice book
about nice children who do nice things?

2. Why not write a story about a little girl who is kind to a kitten?

3. Or a tale about a nice boy who helps an injured butterfly cross a busy road?

4. Or a story about two children who go to a meadow and pick wild flowers for their mummy who is very ill with a slight headache

Tell me yours and, if I like it, I’ll ask him!

To submit a question to Raj, click on the link below!

Suggest a question to Raj

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ella, year 6 says:

    I would ask him to write a story about a person called Frank who is really really tiny, and Frank lives in a garden shed…lol


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