Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies by Pamela Butchart


There is a plethora of funny children’s books out at the moment and award winning Pam Butchart is one of the authors grabbing the attention of many children on the lookout for laughs. Whilst out shopping, for books of course, I kept on noticing the striking covers of Butchart’s books illustrated by Thomas Flintham. I know that you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but they looked pretty wicked and knowing that Butchart won the Blue Peter story book of 2015, I just had to read one.

Like many books out at the moment, Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies is presented in a quirky and interesting way which highlights to the reader certain word choices, adds extra detail to the story with illustrations and helps visualisation of the story for those who need/want it. The seagulls who appear more and more help build the suspense in wanting to know what on earth is happening in the school that Izzy and her friends go to.

As you can imagine, this book is about a school where the dinner ladies are a bit odd. Things keep on changing with them. Their eyes. The drinks. The food. Are they trying to poison the kids? How can they be stopped? Why are some of the children in the school acting weird too? Although this isn’t a detective story, you really feel that the chase is on to work out what is happening. It’s written in the voice of Izzy, so in a way that children speak. As we always say at school, write for the person who is going to read it!

PB 2

This book is part of a series which follow Izzy and her friends. One of her friends, Maisie, tends to faint a lot and generally seems to find some things a bit challenging. She is quite anxious and sometimes things are a bit overwhelming for her. I think that maybe she finds
iPBt hard to process things and sometimes shuts down a
bit because of it. I like that Pam Butchart describes Maisie’s friends as accepting her for who she is and not making a big deal or the challenges that she faces. She’s a good friend and that’s all that matters. Maybe I’m looking into it a bit too deeply, but Maisie reminds me of someone IPB used to teach. Anyway, I think that the characters who are part of this series area strong set of friends and would be worth following through all of their adventures.

If you enjoy illustrated funny books, go and see if you can borrow this! For those people at my school, it is currently out on loan but I’m sure it will be finished soon!



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