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There’s the age old debate of whether should read a book before you see the film version. Most hard core reading fans would say read the book first – I would always recommend this. When reading a book you are fully immersed into the world that the book is set in, which is important even if it isn’t fantasy. You get to know the characters on a deeper level and can truly escape in them. I know that films can do this too, but I think that books do it better!

Check out the new display that I whipped up this afternoon in the library. I took the concept from what other teachers have done and added my own ideas to it too.

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After getting some advice and help from fellow teachers, we found a load of books which we know have been turned into films. This has helped some people to decide what to read next. If you liked the film, you’ll almost certainly love the book. Also, if you find remembering the plot of a book and the character names challenging, watching the film will give you a head start.

I have also included a space for anybody in the school to discuss books which have been turned into films. Some year sixes were discussing the Billionaire Boy film and how they were disappointed with the removal of one of the main characters. One boy said that he watched the film first and then the book, which he ended up preferring. We also spent some time ranting talking about The Scorch Trials movie. I’ll let you read Joseph’s comment which concludes our discussion perfectly.

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  1. Ella, year 6 says:

    Yes, i usually read the book first it makes alot more sence than to watch the film first. I definitly prefer gangster granny (My favorite David walliams book) the book to the film, the book made me cry and the film didn’t.



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