Meeting Katherine Woodfine

I was very excited to visit the Sevenoaks bookshop yesterday to meet Katherine Woodfine and buy her latest books. Entering the busy bookshop, I felt a buzz of excitement in the air…

Trying out an assortment of hats a la Sinclair’s department store style, children queued to chat with Katherine and get their books signed and imprinted with a ‘Sinclair’s’ stamp. It was great to see them getting excited about Woodfine’s stories – clearly they enjoyed the mystery of the clockwork sparrow as much as I did! 

I had a lovely chat with Katherine about what inspires her writing as well her work on Mysteries and Mayhem, the Crime Club anthology of detective stories. She explained that legendary crime writer, Agatha Christie, used to meet up with fellow mystery writers as a ‘crime club’ and make similar anthologies. What a great idea to replicate this tradition with a modern twist. I can’t wait to get into it! My pile of books is getting so large, but I think I’ll have to bump this one up the list…

All in all it was a fun and fleeting visit to a quaint little bookshop.  I felt very lucky to meet Katherine and left feeling inspired to read and even get writing myself…

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