Jimmy Coates – Target!

I was very fortunate to be sent the second Jimmy Coates story by the author himself, which made reading it all the more exciting! As soon as I opened the book, the distinctive font took me back to the first in the series. What would happen to Jimmy this time? There were so many unanswered questions from Killer leaving me wanting more! Would Jimmy realise the extent of his powers? Would Mitchell reappear? What would happen to Jimmy’s friends and family?

jimmycoatestarget502Jimmy is thrown from pillar to post physically and emotionally in this book.  We learn more about the political climate of Jimmy’s world – tensions are building and war is on the cards. The gore factor is also cranked up in Target. The fight scenes become even more impressive as Jimmy ‘unlocks’ his programming. My favourite stunt is when Jimmy manages to break free from handcuffs by moving with precision infront of an oncoming bullet to break the chain – what a skill! I love the image of him being able to dodge bullets which, because of his immense powers, seem to be moving no faster than a feather would fall. I want that ability!

When reading the sequel of a much loved book, you inevitably have high hopes and expectations. Although I think I did prefer the first one, I really enjoyed Target and it certainly didn’t leave me feeling disappointed. When approaching the end of the book, I still had that panic you get when you know you want to know more but there can’t possibly be enough information to satisfy you in the last few pages. I guess that is what makes it all so addictive! When you’re next writing a story in class, why not focus on how you’re going to make the reader want to read on when they have finished; give them a cliffhanger that will haunt them!

FullSizeRender 8
Thank you Joe! I did enjoy it!


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