Book plans for my trip to America…

I’ve entered the 21st century and got a Kindle! I’m not too sure at the moment… It is a bit heavier than I thought. We did have a discussion before on this blog about e-books and hard copies and the hard copies won, but I thought I’d give it a go. I can’t wait to use it to read e-books from our online school library. It’s easy to forget that we have a reading cloud, but with such a wealth of stories on there it would be madness not to use it.

Part of my reasoning behind getting a Kindle was to reduce the weight of my luggage when I go on a big trip in America this summer. I am mega excited about travelling down the west coast and there will be lots of opportunities to have a good read and relax. However, we are going for three weeks – how am I supposed to get three weeks worth of books in my suitcase?! Solution: Kindle.

I will be visiting my sister out there who lives in California and she has helped me plan things that we will be doing. I had no idea, but apparently there is a Universal Studios theme park near her inHollywood and they have a whole Harry Potter section!! They have Hogwarts, rides and even Diagon Alley! My friend went to something similar in Florida, but I didn’t realise there was another one in America! I’m so excited!!! I am unashamed to say that I will very excited for this part of the trip!

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  1. Ella, year 6 says:

    In the summer holidays im going to New York, with my dad and then im going to Spain with my mum and sister. Im taking my kindle and books because 1, im going for 5 weeks altogether (3 weeks in Spain and 2 weeks in NYC)so i will need LOTS of books to take but as you said i cant get it all in my suitcase so im taking the books that cost alot of money on my kindl with me.✈🌇🌎🔰


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