The Jolly-Rogers and the Cave of Doom by Jonny Duddle

My friend at work recommended me this book as she and her son have really enjoyed reading both the picture and chapter books in this ‘Jolly-Rogers’ series. Although I recognise the series, I have never read one before and so I took up her advice to read it. I was told that with these stories, the illustrations are particularly fun and that you see something new every time you look at them.

So this series of books follows a not-so-typical family of pirates (as you have probably guessed already!) I like that the dad pirate always gets his left and right mixed up, so much so that he needs a metal detector to find buried treasure! I’m not sure that that is a good trait to have if you are a pirate! I love the names of the children too – Jim Lad and Nugget. Not forgetting Bones the dog! Very appropriate for a pirate family.

Processed with MOLDIVThe book starts in a Macbeth type way with the three witch characters stirring a bubbling cauldron and talking in rhyme about gross stuff. My favourite rhyme is ‘…verrucas, boils, corns and bunions, hotdog buns with sauce and onions…’ Absolutely bonkers! I loved that this was a kind of prologue before you get introduced to the family. It set the mood for the silliness that came next.

The story is about a pirate family who do pretty average pirate family stuff – sailing around and stopping off in search for treasure. They come across a cave  where the witches/sea hags are lurking and brewing a plan! You’ll have to read it to find out what tricks they have up their sleeves/cloaks… There is another character who I assume is in the other stories because she knows Jim Lad. She is Matilda, a non-pirate, who comes to try and get the family out of their sticky situation. She tells her parents that she’s ‘going out on her bike’ and they have no idea what she is actually up to – little do they know what kind of danger she could be getting into!

I liked this book as it was pretty non-gender specific, meaning that I don’t think that it was really written for boys or girls. It seems like a real family pleaser – I can see why this would be a good choice for a bed time story. So if you like an adventure and a giggle, have a go at this book. If you’re not too confident with reading, why not read it with someone at home? Take turns in reading a page each?

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