A visit from Jack Green!


At Woodlands Junior School yesterday, we were all very  excited to have a special assembly at 10.15 with none other than the olympic athlete Jack Green! You could feel the tension buzzing in the hall as we all waited for our special visitor, thoughts and questions swirling around in our minds. How fast can he run? Was he planning on going to the Olympics in Rio this year? Does he do any other events as well as hurdling?

Jack told us all about how his stepdad first inspired him to get into sport whilst growing up in Maidstone, a town not too far from us. Being rather tall and fast, Jack ended up focusing on running and hurdling and worked really hard to become the best that he could be. He explained how he had been been injured in the past and how that had stopped him from training. It was really inspiring to hear from someone so focused on succeeding, even when things were challenging for him. It must have been very frustrating for him when he was injured and when he didn’t win races. Clearly, like us at Woodlands, Jack has a growth mindset. He hasn’t always been first to cross the finish line, but he still perseveres to be the best in the world. That’s what has made him so successful and has enabled him to win lots of races! If you have’t got the right attitude, you won’t reach your goals.IMG_1340

Jack let us know that he is running in a race on Sunday at about one o’clock and that it will be shown on the BBC. If he wins, he will definitely be going to Rio! I know that I will be tuning in to cheer him on. We’ll all have our fingers and toes crossed for Jack!

It was a real privilege to meet Jack and his visit inspired me to research other olympic and paralympic athletes whoIMG_1338 are hoping to represent Team GB in Rio this summer. I decided to make some GB athlete top trumps type cards for the library to go with our sports display. Hopefully we will all learn about those who are striving to win a medal this year. Obviously Jack features in this display!



Click here for more information about Jack on his website

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