Back from America!

After being away for three action packed weeks in America, I am now finally home. I had an amazing time travelling down the western side of the US, visiting the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and California. There was so much to do and see, but I won’t bore you with my holiday photos… Ok, well maybe just a few!

I couldn’t resist the very impressive Seattle library

Although we scheduled in lots of places to see and things to do, I still managed to indulge in reading now and then. Sometimes to help me get to sleep whilst getting over jet lag, or whilst

Auntie’s was a really cool bookshop in Spokane

travelling to and from places. I will have to catch up on all of my reviews over the next week, but the books that I read whilst away were: Redwall by Brian Jacques, which I have already reviewed; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling; Under the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald, recommended by James’ cousin and The Velvetine Rabbit by Margery Williams.

Now I know that some people from my reading club, #readingrocks, will want to know what I thought about the Harry Potter section at Universal Studios in Hollywood. It will come as no surprise that I thought it was utterly fantastic! Hogsmeade was soon impressive, as was Hogwarts. The queue for ‘The Forbidden Journey’ ride went


through the castle, allowing you to enter all kinds of rooms in Hogwarts. There were talking portraits and the famous troublesome trio turned up at one point. The attention to detail was spectacular, so much so that you almost forgot that you were in a queue at all! I assume that was the whole idea, as during peak times, the queue times reached well over an hour! The ride itself was unlike any other ride I had been on before, with a mix of 3D simulator effects and traditional ride like features. I particularly liked the flying part on the Quidditch pitch. I totally forgot that my husband doesn’t really do simulator rides, but was promptly reminded when he left the ride looking an odd shade of grey-green.


Me and my husband with my sister and her boyfriend at Universal!!!


Have you read any great books over the summer? Did you take part in the summer reading challenge? Share your recommendations below!

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