Magyk by Angie Sage

If you have been reading my blog over the last few months, you will know that I am a fan of fantasy fiction. I loved immersing myself in The Ranger’s Apprentice,  a book recommended to me by a school governor. In response to my love of that book, the govenor’s daughter, Hannah, suggested that I tried Magyk by Angie Sage.

The land in which this book is set has seen their monarchy massacred. There are wizards who can perform differing levels of Magyk including the most prestigious of them all, Marcia, an ExtraOrdinary Wizard who is looking for an apprentice. Silas Heap is also a wizard and many of his seven children are showing promise in this area too, their eyes turning green reflecting their developing abilities.

fullsizerender-4Predominantly focusing on the Heap family, we find the parentage of youngest Heap child, Jenna, being questioned. Is she actually the daughter of the queen who was murdered? How will she feel toward her parents and brothers if this is true? She was found in the woods on the night that seventh Heap son died by Silas – a seventh son himself.  The importance of the seventh child of the seventh child is returned to throughout the book – are they talking about Jenna or someone else? The seventh Heap child died, so this can’t mean him, can it?

The chase quickly begins as the Hunter follows the scent of his prey – the Royal line was supposed to be killed off to enable the Darke wizard to rule. The family take refuge in a cottage in the marshes, hoping to protect the princess from the Hunter’s bullet.

I did enjoy this book, but sometimes I felt I was forcing myself to pick it up. Maybe that was because I had read it intermittently at the end of my America trip and hadn’t had time to really get stuck in. It would be a good next book if you have read the Ranger’s Apprentice, as it’s within the same genre and the additional characters to follow would give you a bit of extra challenge. I would recommend it to any confident reader who enjoys a bit of fantasy fiction.

Thanks to Hannah for the recommendation!

Fans and those who are tempted by this series of books, check out Angie Sage’s website.

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