Pooh Bridge

My friend and I took a stroll down to a little village called Hartfield in East Sussex. It is in the woods here that the original Pooh Bridge stands, the woods in which the characters from A A Milne’s stories of Winnie the Pooh is inspired from. I would recommend anyone to take a stroll this way, particularly at the moment with all of the trees transitioning from their greens into reds and golds.

I remember visiting this woods when I was younger and playing Pooh sticks on the bridge. The novelty has not worn off, although the calibre of ‘stick’ is not great. We had to resort to teeny twigs, as this is clearly what everyone does when getting to Pooh Bridge and so there is not much to choose from.

At the end of our walk, we ended up at the little Winnie the Pooh shop in Hartfield where I couldn’t resist buying a few postcards. I have found that postcards make particularly good bookmarks and have a mini book themed post card collection going on. A bit geeky I know, but I can tell that you’re slightly jealous!

Click here for Pooh Corner’s website.

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