A recommendation from Imogen

I am lucky enough to work with children from years 3 to 6 during guided reading lessons. In this time we talk about what we enjoy reading, look at a range of texts, read aloud and recommend books to each other. After looking at this blog, Imogen (from lower KS2) said that she would like to put up a short recommendation of her own so that other children could read it. How could I resist sharing her enthusiasm for wanting to spread the joy of reading! See below to read her thoughts on her latest book.

Hi my name is Imogen and I would like to recommend Sky the Unwanted Kitten by Holly Webb.

There are two main characters, Sky the adorable kitten and a little girl called Olivia. Sky at the beginning of the book is in a pet shop. Olivia’s mum buys the kitten because she has just moved house and Olivia is a bit lonely because she doesn’t have any friends yet. But does Olivia really want Sky? Will she look after her properly when she makes new friends? That’s for you to find out!

In this book I like the describing words that Holly Webb uses. There aren’t lots of pictures so it helps me imagine what it looks like in my head. It helps my imagination grow. As this book has lots of words and pages I can learn what more and more words mean. This book helped me be happy when I needed cheering up as I love kittens.

I really liked this book. I think that people from year 3 to year 6 might like it, especially people who like cats!


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