Year 5 Book Review: The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier

Thank you to Year 5 for this book review. I think this story is right up my street – thanks for the recommendation!

In class, we were given the task of reading a book and running our own book club.  We agreed how many pages to read for the following week and led the discussions ourselves. 

This book is about four children who go on an adventure of a lifetime to find their family.  They travel through Warsaw, Poland, all the way to Switzerland.

Jan and Edek were our favourite characters because they had the most exciting roles in the story.  Jan made lots of animal friends and was the wildest of the pack.  Suffering from an illness, Edek still managed to survive a journey on the bottom of a train and got to Switzerland. 

Sophie: I really liked this book because it is really moving and an interesting story. *****

Ava: I loved this book because it is really adventurous and tells an interesting story. *****

Cohen: All the language is very descriptive and the story is well based. ****

Will: I think this book is an adventurous tale based on a real war time tragedy. *****

Christopher: This book is very exciting because of the different characters. ****


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